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Top Quality Euromotive S58 Free Flowing Downpipes for your BMW M3, X3M, and X4M Reasons To Shop For Euromotive Performance...

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Top Quality Euromotive S58 Free Flowing Downpipes for your BMW M3, X3M, and X4M

Reasons To Shop For Euromotive Performance Downpipes

Restrictions in the exhaust manifold reduce horsepower and torque significantly on turbocharged cars. Thus, eliminating exhaust flow regulations increasing horsepower and torque significantly. By changing the manufacturing unit downpipes and catalytic converters with our Competition Series Downpipes, more power is unleashed! You will feel the difference instantly. The factory catalytic converters are made up of catalyst fabric formed into "honeycomb" weaves. Exhaust gasoline must pass via these tiny "honeycomb" weaves on its way to the exhaust system, therefore, causing a main exhaust drift restriction. It also creates turbulence after the catalytic converter which makes the exhaust flow slow down (which increases restriction).


We engineered our downpipes for optimal flow. We take delight in our education and do not hesitate to make it very clear that the product we create is designed and tested in CAD / CAM software before it is ever fabricated into an actual physical part. We have created a totally precision CNC machined mono-block V-band that is completely easy and has no lip or step. We know how essential it is for exhaust gases to pass through from the turbos to the exhaust smoothly, so we took initiative and designed our downpipes in such a manner that float is maximized.

Lifetime Warranty

Every time we choose to pursue the manufacturing of a new product we clearly commit ourselves to ensure we provide nothing but the finest quality products for our customers. For this reason, we are truly confident that each product that leaves our facility will work right the first time, and forever. If something does ever happen to go wrong, rest assured, your Euromotive Performance branded product is guaranteed for the life of the product. We stand behind every product we sell. We offer a no-hassle lifetime warranty. If it breaks or stops performing how it’s meant to, we will replace it. No grey areas. Simple, honest, and easy


We guarantee that any downpipes we ship will suit any BMW F97 X3M and F98 X4M. We create our downpipes using a fitment jig which exactly defines the pathways the downpipes follow down to the precise length and ranges of the bend. Euromotive Performance downpipes are direct bolt-on replacements of your stock downpipes. Any hardware wanted is included.


- Better throttle engagement and faster turbo spool-up times.

- Mandrel Bent piping. Smooth transition to the exhaust system. 

- 100% Stainless Steel 304 Construction

- 100% TIG welded for better quality welds.

- Precision CNC machined turbocharger V-Band flange. 

- Integrated flex joint.

- Compatible with the factory or aftermarket exhaust systems. 

- Track tested durability. 

- Includes all hardware for a complete installation. 

- Available catless or with high flow cats.

- Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Models Supported

2019 + BMW F97 X3M

2019 + BMW F98 X4M

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